Frequently Asked Questions

We've included the answers to some of the most common questions that our students have regarding undergraduate matriculation and the application process for students in pre-health plans of study.

How do I get a committee letter for my med school application?

Several years ago, the university made the decision to discontinue committee letters for pre-health students. Our pre-health advisors suggest that students ask for letters of recommendation from a faculty member or other figure that can speak to the student's work, level of ability, and / or interest in the field that they intend to pursue. Examples of this would be: a faculty member that you have had for science or math class with whom you have had a significant level of academic engagement or interaction; a faculty member or lab director that supervised an undergraduate research experience; or a supervisor for a volunteer or clinical experience during your undergraduate career. If you need help deciding who might be a good source for a letter of recommendation—or need help planning how to approach such a request—one of our pre-health professions advisors can discuss this with you.

How do I send my transcript to the professional or grad school to which I am applying?

The Office of the Registrar offers an online service for the ordering of transcripts and enrollment verifications, for both current students as well as graduates. Please note that this does support AMCAS as well as other centralized application services. For more details, please consult their help document or e-mail the Office of the Registrar directly. While our pre-health professions advisors are more than happy to discuss the application process for professional or graduate school with you, they cannot answer questions regarding the transcript or enrollment verification ordering process.