Pitt Med Advisory Council (PMAC) Outreach Program

Funded by a grant approved in May 2020, the Pitt Med Advisory Council’s (PMAC) mission is to encourage the advancement of all University of Pittsburgh undergraduate students pursuing a career as a medical doctor. As medical students, members of the PMACs executive board have graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and experienced first-hand the challenges that pre-medical students face. This includes navigating challenging course loads, choosing among volunteer and research opportunities, seeking internships and shadowing experiences, preparing competitive applications for medical school, preparing for medical school interviews, and more.

The PMAC enhances the advising services offered by the Pre-Health Resource Center and other undergraduate academic advising offices by adding the experience and voice of current medical students who are Pitt alumni. Through this program, the PMAC seeks to inform the prioritization of program, resource, and service development; contribute as alumni to the new infrastructure; and enhance the student experience with informational workshops and seminars.

Deliberately weaving personal experience with formal pre-health advising from the Pre-Health Resource Center , the undergraduate advising office, and alumni mentoring provided by healthcare professionals via many internal and external avenues will provide a powerful platform on which pre-medical students will be able to forge their own informed paths. The partnership with the Pre-Health Resource Center is one that will allow the PMAC to increase its impact and connections with pre-medical students, while enhancing the advising process.

The PMAC’s mission supports the integrationof academic and professional preparation, utilizing personal experiences to support pre-medical students through their academic careers and guide them through an application process that is detailed and nuanced. Various factorscan impact a student’s path from an undergraduate program into medical school, including grades and GPAs, communication skills, and organization. To this end, the PMAC hopes to enhance prehealth students' academic preparation with a focus on professional preparation and strategies, including engaging in volunteer activities and research, building an awareness of contemporary issuies in healthcare, and developing a professional image and network. These medical student leaders will learn, apply, and hone their own skills in advising, program development, teaching, and mentorship.

This page will be updated further, as programming and services are developed. For more information on the PMAC, contact them via e-mail:  PMAC@pitt.edu.