Pre-Health Clubs

Clubs are a great way to meet like-minded students and learn about various health-careers. Leadership opportunities are of abundance within Pitt clubs, providing you with fantastic opportunities in a fun and social atmosphere. Check out the list of health related Pitt clubs available to you today.

Community Service

Service to your community cultures positivity and good will for everyone involved, including you! Check out the numerous volunteer experiences throughout western Pennsylvania.

Pre-Health Internship Opportunities

Personalize your education and gain experience as an intern of an organization who work you feel passionate about. Use our resources to browse internship opportunities that might spark some interest.

Pre-Health Research and Fellowship Opportunities

Expand your knowledge and embark on a journey to learn what health-based research is truly about. Learn about various research/fellowship opportunities available to you.

Clinical Experiences

Clinical experience can help a pre-health student determine their level of interest in a particular field, as well as provide valuable experience working alongside practicing professionals. Included is a list of some options for obtaining clinical experience.