About Us

Our Goal and Mission

The Pre-Health Resource Center at the University of Pittsburgh is devoted to undergraduate health and pre-health interprofessional education, establishing a preeminent educational and advising infrastructure to support undergraduate students interested in health sciences fields.

With a focus on the undergraduate student community, the center will build upon and present them with the strong interprofessional working relationships already in place at the graduate professional level (e.g., Working Group on Interprofessional Education, Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education), as well as relationships with the profession-specific schools and programs.

What We Offer

In keeping with the University’s Personalized Education Initiative, the center will assure robust education, programming, mentoring, and advising for students aspiring to careers in the health professions and provide opportunities for students to:

  • Explore careers in health, health care, and biomedical sciences;
  • Learn how individuals in different professions work together in the context of the contemporary health and health care environments; and
  • Make informed career choices with an understanding of the evolving health and health care delivery system, roles of individual health care professionals, and the importance of teams and  teamwork in the care of patients and assuring the health of communities.

Partnerships with the Pre-Health Resource Center

  • Student Affairs  - First-year and Upperclass Health Sciences Living Learning Communities will provide content expertise outside the classroom through programs and experiences for undergraduate students who have elected to live, study, and socialize with students in health-related fields.
  • The Career Center  -  Undergraduate health and pre-health student support through orientation and other activities.
  • Office of Admissions and Financial Aid  -  Recruits a strong pool of applicants and enrollees in Pitt’s undergraduate health and pre-health programs.
  • Pitt Commons  -  Student mentoring available through Health Links, an online program that facilitates virtual mentoring relationships among students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the University.
  • Coalition for Pre-Health Students (CPHS)  -  The CPHS aims to unite the Pre-Health community at Pitt and serve as a collective voice to further the combined aspirations, efforts, and objectives of all Pre-Health organizations.